Wisconsin Teacher Rebecca Kilps Arrested for Sexual Assault After Husband Contacted Police

Wisconsin Teacher Rebecca Kilps Arrested for Sexual Assault After Husband Contacted Police

Rebecca Kilps was accuse with sexually assaulting one of her 17-year-old students. After her husband and a social worker alert authority on her,

A Wisconsin Spanish teacher accuse of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old student faces up to 18 years in prison.According to a press release from the Two Rivers Police Department, Rebecca Kilps, 34, was detaine in May and charge with three charges of sexual abuse of a student by school personnel.

Kilps appeare in court on Monday, and according to WBAY, she waives the time need for a preliminary hearing. On July 22, the judge is supposed to decide if there is sufficient evidence to proceed to trial at that hearing.

In order to allow Kilps to see her kid, the May-set bond stipulation was modify at the court appearance on Monday, according to WBAY. According to the station, Kilps prohibit from having contact with anyone under the age of 18 before the modification. Kilps was require giving up her passport as well.

On a $10,000 cash bond, she is currently free.

According to WBAY, a social worker contacts a detective with the Two Rivers Police Department on May 23 after learning that a student had disclose to her that Kilps had a romantic involvement with a teacher.

The following day, Rebecca Kilps’ husband allegedly discovers text exchanges between his wife and the minor student after becoming suspicious of an affair. According to WBAY, he examine his wife’s cell phone while she was sleeping.

The two were “talking about a future together and stating they love each other,” he claims the communications he views show.

He told the police that he questions his wife about the affair and that she admits that they had first start off as friends before becoming romantically involve and “talking sexually.”

The victim was then interview by the investigator, who is reported to have indicate that things “went too far” and “got nasty,” according to WBAY.

The victim allegedly told authorities that Kilps had taught him Spanish for a number of years. They first began socializing in his junior year, and he also visit her class. They eventually began texting each other.

The victim allegedly informs the detective that the connection had “escalate and we talk more and said what we shouldn’t have” in March, according to WBAY.

According to WISN, he admits to having sex with Kilps twice on the couch in her home while her husband was abroad.

Rebecca Kilps allegedly told detectives, via WISN, that she had feelings for the kid and that he “meant more to her than a student should but she kept it a secret.” it to herself.”

According to a complaint examine by WISN, Kilps allegedly acknowledges having sex with the victim twice while her husband was away from home.

She also reveale to the police that she intends to divorce her spouse following the victim’s graduation.

According to WISN, Kilps was put on administrative leave in May and subsequently resigne from her position as a teacher at Two Rivers High School.

The responsibility of a school district is to ensure the security and welfare of its children. According to WBAY, Two Rivers Public School District Administrator Diane Johnson stated in a news release that “we take fast action to protect our kids when an accusation of this sort is report. No situation warrants an inappropriate connection, and the district won’t stand for behaviour that jeopardises the safety and security of our students.

Police are still looking, but they don’t currently think there are any more victims.

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