The World’s Largest Broker for Antique & Classic Boats

The World’s Largest Broker for Antique & Classic Boats

If you’re intereste in learning about the firm that founded Antique Boat America, you’ve come to the right place. The Firm is the world’s largest broker of antique & classic boats, and it’s celebrating its 50th anniversary with a show & auction. You’ll also learn about the Founder, Peter Mellon, who passe away from a heart attack in his early 60s.

Peter Mellon Founded Antique Boat America

When Peter Mellon decides to start a brokerage for antique and classic boats, he was unsure of where to start. He was looking for a reliable source for information, and he found that there was none. In order to fill that need, he opens a store in Thousand Islands, New York. While he was still relatively young, his passion for antique boats inspires him to build his business. He combined his passion for boats with his experience in sales and start Antique Boat America in the late 1990s.

Boat Restoration Yard

Antique Boat America is a boat restoration yard and showroom located on Highway 12. Mike Mahoney, owner of Antique Boat America, has been restoring wooden boats for 30 years. One of the most interesting boats in his yard is a 22-foot Chris-Craft sedan that requires reinstalling over 3,000 mahogany fasteners. He says this job takes a lot of time because it involves a lot of glue and hand chisel work.

Firm is World’s Largest Broker of Antique & Classic Boats

If you’re in the market for a classic or antique boat, you may want to consider contacting the Antique and Classic Boat Society. This group is a nonprofit organization with members who share a passion for historic boats. Its mission is to educate the public about these vessels and to share knowledge and experiences.

Medium-Size Trailerable Vessels

Antique and classic boats are medium-size trailerable vessels that are primarily use for day or overnight cruising. They range in size from 14 to 96 feet and are made by a variety of manufacturers with different hull types. Antique and classic boats are among the most popular types of boating and can accommodate up to six people.


Firm’s 50th Annual Antique Boat Show & Auction

The Antique Boat Society is an international organization dedicated to the preservation and recognition of antique and vintage boats. The society has 54 chapters in North America and Europe. The Smith Mountain Lake Chapter has about 70 members who actively restore and display antique and classic boats. You can visit the show to view and bid on some of these unique boats.

Clayton’s Cultural and Economic History

The show is held at the Clayton, New York, riverfront property of the Thousand Islands Museum, a maritime museum that was founded in the 1960s. Today, it is an important part of Clayton’s cultural and economic history and is dedicate to preserving North America’s maritime heritage.

Founder’s Legacy

The founder of Antique Boat America is Peter Mellon, who live in the Thousand Islands all his life. You may recognize him from his frequent cruises in his Hackercraft with his four-legge friends. The Thousand Islands is known as the wooden boat capital of the world. He passe away of a heart attack in his early 60s.

Antique & Classic Boat Festival

Pat Wells, the guiding spirit behind the Antique & Classic Boat Festival, was born in Newton, Massachusetts. He spent his summers on the South Shore sailing Beetle Cat sail no. 57 with his family. After graduating from Smith College, Wells work at the Boston Architectural Center and MIT, and became involve with efforts to preserve maritime heritage in Boston.

Buying a Classic Boat Vs Buying a New or secondhand Boat

When comparing the cost of buying a new or secondhand boat, it’s important to consider a few factors. While you’ll probably pay more for a brand-new vessel, you sure to have the latest technology and design features. A new boat also comes with warranties and limite servicing, which can help reduce your maintenance costs.

secondhand Boats Upgrading to Modern Technology

A secondhand boat is often cheaper than a new one and can restore to new condition. A pre-sale inspection can uncover any flaws and help you focus on choosing the best boat for your needs. Many secondhand boats come with the option of upgrading to modern technology. Some secondhand boats are also more unique than new ones.

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