Sell on Fyndiq Sweden E-Commerce Site Largest Bargain Shop

Sell on Fyndiq Sweden E-Commerce Site Largest Bargain Shop

You can easily sell on Fyndiq in Sweden if you have a merchant account. The majority of Swedish adults are English-speaking, making it simple for UK sellers to sell their products in the country. Selling on the site is simple, and there are no start-up costs or hidden charges. Instead, you’ll pay a low category fee and sales charge for your sales.


Fyndiq is a Swedish e-commerce site where you can sell your surplus products at cheap prices. This site is known as Sweden’s largest bargain shop and has over 1.6 million subscribers and two million monthly website visitors. The platform is perfect for bargain hunters and offers products at low prices from a wide variety of brands. The site is anonymous and allows sellers to concentrate on selling their products.

Associated Stores in the EU and China

The platform is currently limited to Sweden and associated stores in the EU and China, but the company hopes to expand its reach to other countries in the near future. It will also provide technical support to its merchants and hold courses and workshops to help them improve their offerings.

Ship Your Products Quickly

To sell on Fyndiq, you must have the ability to ship your products quickly. The company’s operation team is considering setting up their own warehouse and distribution system to make things even easier for sellers. Fyndiq has over one million products listed on its website, and its prices are very low.

Selling on Fyndiq

When it comes to selling online, Fyndiq is one of the most popular marketplaces in Sweden. It connects bargain shoppers with great merchants. The idea for Fyndiq came from a young man named Fredrik Norberg. He thought he could sell bamboo vases and make a nice profit. The bamboo vases were nice, but no one would buy them.

Merchants are Connected to Fyndiq

Fyndiq was found in 2009 as a Swedish e-commerce site, but its growth has steady since 2012. Currently, over 1,700 merchants are connecte to Fyndiq, and it has a thriving customer base of over two million monthly visitors. Fyndiq is also unique because it offers anonymity to sellers, which frees them up to focus on selling.

Fyndiq is Dedicated to Customer Service

In addition to offering a vast selection of products, Fyndiq is dedicate to customer service. Its customer service staff responds to questions via email. In most cases, a merchant can expect to get a response within 24 hours. Moreover, Fyndiq’s delivery time is one of its top priorities.


Fyndiq is an e-commerce platform that allows individual retailers in Sweden to sell products at very low prices. Fyndiq is looking into building its own warehouse distribution system to offer its residents even more options. Currently, the majority of its residents are individual retailers. However, the operation team plans to introduce a number of large international brands to its platform so that sellers have even more choice. They also plan to expand their market to include the whole of Northern Europe.

Customer Support Through Email

The site provides customer support through email, so merchants are encourag to respond to emails as quickly as possible. In addition, Fyndiq ensures that orders are shippe in a secure manner. It also provides tracking numbers to help users track their purchases. They can check their purchases from anywhere at any time if they are not satisfie with their purchase. If a buyer contacts them through a support email, the business will take action to ensure that they get the items they need.

sell on Fyndiq

Over 2 Million Unique Visitors a Month

Fyndiq is one of the largest online marketplaces in Sweden, with over 2 million unique visitors a month. The company’s goal is to offer bargain-hunters a place to buy and sell overstock items. Currently, the platform has more than 220,000 products listed on its website.


Fyndiq is a Swedish marketplace that connects great merchants with bargain shoppers. The site has grown from a humble beginning, when the founders were living in a mobile home and conducting market research at bargain basement stores. In just three years, the site has seen over two million visits and has already sold over $2 million in merchandise. Its best-selling categories include mobile accessories, toys, and health. Small sellers can use this marketplace to sell their goods and benefit from the fact that Fyndiq handles logistics and customer service.

Provided within 24 to 48 Hours

Customers can ask questions via email to the customer service team at fyndiq. The staff will get back to customers as soon as possible. In most cases, replies will provid within 24 to 48 hours. This is considere to a fast turnaround time. Fyndiq offers a wide selection of products, ensuring that shoppers can find something they’re looking for at an affordable price.

Discount Online Marketplace

Fyndiq is a discount online marketplace that is available to nearly 3/4 of the Swedish population. It generated PS 32 million in revenue last year, with 7.3 million active adult users.


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