Necessities of Christmas are Available at the Range Stores

Necessities of Christmas are Available at the Range Stores

Whether you are looking for Christmas decorations or gifts, there is something to suit every taste and budget. So, make sure you get everything you need for your next holiday from therange co uk.


Those who are wondering about where to find the necessities of Christmas might want to know that The Range has a range of products available, from homeware and furniture to Christmas decorations and presents. These are all available in stores in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. There are also several online stores. The company has even expanded its e-commerce operations in the past few years.

Range is a Multi-Channel Retailer

The Range is a multi-channel retailer that operates 176 stores across the UK and Ireland. This includes its own coffee shop call Dee Dee’s, which is operate by Compass Group. It has also open stores in Northern Ireland in 2016. It has also been rank as the leading multi-channel retailer in the UK, according to the Moneyfacts Best Retailers 2017 report.

Original Location

The Range has been operating for over twenty years, with its original location in Plymouth. The company now has over two million square feet of distribution space, and it open its first stores in Northern Ireland in 2016. It has also expanded its e-commerce operations in the last few years. It now has a trackable shipping method and a customer service department. The company has healthy cash reserves, and it expects to have significant growth in the future. The Range has also unveiled a number of new products, including sharing platters and a turkey crown.


Whether you’re shopping for a traditional or modern Christmas, you’re sure to find decorations for Christmas at the range co uk. The company has a great range of decorations, from wreaths to tree ornaments, all at affordable prices.


New Collection for the Festive Season

The company has also released a new collection for the festive season, aptly name Midnight Silver. This collection includes dazzling blue and bold white ornaments, jewels, and hanging snowflakes. The collection is perfect for minimalist shoppers.

Eight Different Themes

There are eight different themes in the collection, from Scandi Lodge to Blush Champagne. These collections range from traditional to modern, and include Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, candles, and ornaments. The price range is affordable, with the cheapest items a white glitter tree decoration at 29p.

Famous for Home Products

The Range is known for its home products, so it’s no surprise that the company has a range of decorations for Christmas. Its website is pack with festive activities, and has a Christmas category tab. The store also offers free wrapping services and has a late opening window in the run-up to Christmas.

Christmas Shopping

If you’re looking for a great place to visit during the festive season, you should check out the range co uk. The store has everything you need and is a great place to get your Christmas shopping done. The range has a great consumer rating, and 4,664 reviews.


Found in 1989, The Range is one of the most successful multi-channel retailers in the UK. It has 176 stores in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, and over two million square feet of distribution space. With a savvy business strategy, the company has also expanded its e-commerce operations in recent years. In the next five years, it expects to increase its total number of stores by more than ten per cent, while also expanding its reach to customers all over the world.

Store Network

The Range also boasts a range of other features, from its own-branded credit card to its own mobile app. This is all a part of its strategy to become a one-stop shop for consumers. The company also offers hearing aids, dry cleaning and home insurance. In addition to its own store network, it operates as the food and beverage arm of the Iceland chain.

Superstore is Scheduled to Open

A new superstore is scheduled to open on Friday, December 14, at Manor West Retail Park in Birmingham. It is expected to employ approximately 80 staff. It will the company’s first superstore in the city, and it is set to have a major impact on the local economy. The new store will also feature a coffee shop branded by the Compass Group, call Dee Dee’s.

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