Glovo is an on-Demand Delivery Service App

Glovo is an on-Demand Delivery Service App

The Glovo app is an on-demand delivery service. It delivers any product in your city in just a few minutes. The app works by using independent contractors to fulfill orders. It charges a delivery fee for each product. If you are interested in using Glovo, you should know more about its features, fees, and delivery methods.

Delivery Service in Less Than 30 Minutes

Glovo is a new on-demand delivery service that makes it possible for customers to get any product they need in less than 30 minutes. It’s a Spanish startup that’s based in Barcelona and operates in twenty-eight cities around the world. Its partners include more than twenty thousand bike and motorcycle couriers. They deliver everything from meals to groceries. The founder believes the potential for online food delivery is huge. He says the current model is only the beginning, and it will grow into something much bigger.

Over 30 Million Downloads

Glovo has over 30 million downloads, making it one of the most popular apps in the world. In fact, Apple named Glovo one of the “Best of 2016” apps. The app works with a variety of restaurants and supermarkets across the world. It can deliver groceries, clothes, dry cleaning, and even keys. The app is available 24 hours a day and offers great deals.

Delivers any Product in your City Within Minutes

If you’re in the city and need a quick delivery, Glovo is the answer. This delivery service allows you to place orders for anything in your city. This includes food, pharmacy products, flowers, tobacco, alcohol, games, and more. The company also has a monthly membership club where you can receive additional benefits and discounts.

Over 200 Cities Across 26 Countries

In addition to home delivery, Glovo also lets you order products from restaurants and local businesses. It also allows you to track your orders and deliveries in real-time. You can even order products from restaurants in neighboring cities, or even from other countries. Currently, Glovo is available in over 200 cities across 26 countries.


Glovo has a few advantages over its competitors. For one, it is the only delivery company in Europe that can supply any product anywhere in your city. It also has a smaller footprint, which gives it an advantage in building partnerships. For example, Glovo was able to gain a partnership with McDonald’s in a much shorter period of time than its competitors.


It Charges Delivery Fees

Glovo charges delivery fees to their partners and stores for delivering goods and services. As a result, they can offer faster service to their clients and can better meet customer demands. The company is working on establishing supermarket fulfillment centers and plans to hire pickers to work 24 hours a day. The service will charge a delivery fee and its partners will pay Glovo a commission based on the distance traveled.

Charge a Commission on Every Delivery

While Glovo does charge a commission on every delivery, the commission paid by the partners will be lower than what consumers have to pay. For instance, a global chain like McDonald’s would not pay as much as a local restaurant or market would. In addition, the commission depends on the partner’s business model. A bigger chain will pay less than a small independent restaurant because it has greater negotiating power.

 Independent Contractors

Independent contractors work for Glovo and receive pay based on the number of deliveries made during a given hour. They are paid EUR10 for the hour and must spend the entire time making deliveries. If they fail to work or do not fulfill their orders, they could lose their right to the EUR10 payment, and they may even face legal action. Despite the rapid growth of the company, it has faced criticism for its relationships with its riders and drivers.

Application Main Interface

The Glovo application is the main interface for communication with the company. It also keeps track of the couriers’ hours. The company’s business model relies on making working with Glovo as easy as possible. Drivers download the application, attend training sessions, and receive branded equipment. Moreover, drivers are given full control over their schedules, which works against people who want to work less hours.

Partnered with Restaurants, Florists, Bakeries, Kiosks, Pastry Shops

In the near future, it will be possible to get any product delivered in your city within minutes using the Glovo app. The company’s on-demand delivery service is a competitor to Uber Eats and Deliveroo. It offers a one-stop-shop for fast food and grocery delivery. At the start of this year, meal deliveries accounted for three-quarters of its revenue. The company is betting big on the urban convenience market, and has raised $169 million in Series D and Series E funding to fund its growth.


Glovo uses Q-Commerce to power the delivery of a wide variety of products, including groceries, meals, and other products from other stores. However, it has excluded clothing and shoe stores for now, because these categories have their own online shopping infrastructures.

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