Buy Best Scuba Gear with Warranty from Divers Supply

Buy Best Scuba Gear with Warranty from Divers Supply

Scuba Gear Divers Supply allows you to exchange or return any items within sixty to one hundred and twenty days of purchase. However, you must make sure that the item is in the same condition as when you bought it. Otherwise, you will charge a 15% restocking fee. Also, depending on the severity of damage, they may refuse an exchange. You should also report any shipping discrepancies within 72 hours.

Deep See Clarity Mask Clarity

The Deep See Clarity Mask from Divers Supply is a lightweight and low-volume diving mask with optical lenses and dual-window design. We tested it to find out what it offers. We like that it fits well and doesn’t take up too much space. It also offers a wide field of vision.

Mares Puck Pro Plus Wristwatch

A Mares Puck Pro Plus wristwatch comes with a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. With an intuitive design and a large display, this watch is an excellent choice for beginning and advanced divers. Its dual-mode technology supports air and Nitrox and features easy, menu-based operation. In addition, this wristwatch has an operating depth of 150 meters (492 feet). It also features a strong backlight, which you can adjust from one to ten seconds.

Hog D1x Classic 2.0 Regulator Set

The Hog D1X Classic 2.0 Regulators offer outstanding performance, with a wide range of features that help divers breathe easier. These regulators feature a redesigned, silicone purge cover and a balanced first stage. They are also equipped with a full-manufacturer warranty.

Scuba Gear

Mares Puck Pro Plus

If you are looking for a good scuba computer, you should consider the Mares Puck Pro Plus. This dive computer offers all the necessary functions for beginner divers, including depth alarm, pressure sensor check, and temperature. It also features Bluetooth connectivity and is available in a variety of colors. It also comes with a free software upgrade available through the Mares website, and it includes a USB cable that makes it easy to update firmware.

Mares Octo

You can’t go wrong with any Mares Octo scuba gear. It’s made of a techno-polymer material and is easy to use thanks to its soft-cover design and purge button. It also features a patented Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) and downstream valve design. The air bypass pipe releases air toward the mouthpiece, creating a whirtex effect that aids in calming the diver’s breathing. This regulator keeps the diaphragm in a downward position during inhalation, providing sensitive breathing at almost any depth.

Mares Puck

The Mares Puck Pro scuba computer has a large display and a slim design, and it has an intuitive touchscreen that makes it easy to use. Its display is made of Tempered Mineral Glass for superior scratch resistance and readability at wider viewing angles. The computer’s features make it an excellent dive computer for advanced divers. It too comes through a two-year limited warranty.


Mares Aqualung

If you’re looking for new scuba gear, consider a product from Mares Aqualung. The company has been a leader in the industry for over 75 years. You can rest assured knowing your purchase is protected by a full manufacturer’s warranty.


Divers supply is proud to offer a wide selection of quality Mares scuba gear. These top-quality products are available at competitive prices, with a full manufacturer warranty. Mares offers several different scuba packages, each with a variety of features

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