Australia’s Premiere Outdoor and Sporting Goods Store

Australia’s Premiere Outdoor and Sporting Goods Store

Decathlon has entered the Australian market with its dedicated website and e-commerce platform. Its aim is to penetrate the local sporting goods market and compete with local brands and outdoor clothing firm Kathmandu. In February 2017, the French brand reported an increase of 12 per cent in its sales. The company is expanding its product offering by launching paddle-board lines and an underwater sports brand called Subea.


Decathlon Australia has a unique concept of an outdoor and sporting goods store that is both affordable and accessible to all. The store features large community sporting area, which hosts fundraisers and sign-up days. Customers can browse store without a membership but must sign up to participate in these events. The store offers exclusive analysis, locked news and a premium print publication every week.

Multinational Retailer

Decathlon is a multinational retailer that first entered the Australian market in February 2016, opening a dedicate website and e-commerce platform. The company aims to tap into the Australian market and compete with local brands like Kathmandu. In 2016, the company reported a 12% rise in revenue. Its annual sales reached 10.3 billion euros. Decathlon expanding rapidly in Australia and has identifie six locations for bricks and mortar stores.


Decathlon Australia is the world’s largest outdoor and sporting goods retailer. With 1000 stores around the world, the company can sell equipment and clothing for as many as 50 sports. In Australia, it has identified sites for six stores, with plans to establish 35 superstores here over the next decade. In addition to outdoor equipment, Decathlon sells clothing and other products for underwater sports.

Sports Industry

The retailer has in the retail sports industry for over 40 years. Its goal is to provide consumers with high-quality, environmentally friendly products that are affordable. The company has a strong brand name among consumers, and it is committed to providing the best customer service possible.



Decathlon Australia is the premier retailer of outdoor and sporting goods in Australia. It has a history of over 40 years in the retail industry and aims to provide consumers with high quality, affordable products. In Australia, the brand is positioned to compete with the big names like IKEA and Bunnings. It is expanding into new markets, including undersea sports and paddle board brands.

Owned by French Company

Decathlon is owned by a French company and is the world’s largest sports retail chain. With over 1300 stores in 39 countries, Decathlon has the largest geographic reach in the industry. In 2017, Decathlon reported an annual turnover of more than 8 billion euros. In Australia, it has identified six new locations to open its first stores and has plans to open 35 superstores there over the next decade.

CO2 Emissions

Decathlon, Australia’s premier outdoor and sporting goods store, has admitted to selling several products that failed to meet mandatory safety standards. These products include basketball rings, backboards and systems, and portable swimming pools. These items are potentially dangerous and should not use without active adult supervision. Decathlon admitted to selling three hundred and forty basketball rings and backboards, some of which mislabel and did not include safety instructions or warnings.

Own Brands

Decathlon has started labelling its own brands with their carbon footprint. Since last month, more than sixty-three percent of its own brands have labelled. These products are categorized into categories A to E and their carbon footprint is calculated in kilograms.

First Australian Store

Decathlon, a French-based sportswear retailer, is expanding its footprint in Australia by opening its first bricks and mortar store in Tempe, Sydney, this October. The second store is planned for Melbourne in 2018. Both stores will feature an impressive range of Decathlon products, including apparel and equipment for 70 sports.

Thousand Stores in 30 Countries

Decathlon has more than a thousand stores in 30 countries, including the UK, France, Germany, France, and Japan. Its goal is to provide customers with high-quality, affordable sportswear. The retailer boasts over 80,000 employees across 30 countries. The Decathlon brand has stores across 30 countries and offers quality, affordable sportswear at a fraction of the retail price.


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