Affordable Pharmacy Healthcare and Medication at Getmeds PH

Affordable Pharmacy Healthcare and Medication at Getmeds PH

Using the web can help you find a pharmacy in your local area that can provide affordable healthcare and medication. There are many choices out there, but it’s important to know which one can meet your needs. Here are a few to consider.

Generika Drugstore

Known as the largest online drugstore in the Philippines, Generika drugstore offers affordable healthcare and medication. It is part of the AC Health Group and is owned by Ayala Corporation. The Generika drugstore website offers affordable generic medicines. It also offers medicine delivery services.

Online Payment Service

Its outlets are situated in many parts of the country. It is one of the most trusted sources of quality generic medicines. In order to help consumers, take better advantage of its services, Generika drugstore is partnering with GCash, an online payment service that provides safer ways of paying. This payment method will be available in 435 Generika drugstore branches nationwide.Moreover, it offers a teleconsultation service for customers. Through its mobile application, customers can consult doctors and book appointments with doctors online.

Generics Pharmacy

Known for its unbranded medicines, the Generics Pharmacy has made its mark in the pharmaceutical business with over 1700 outlets across the country. Aside from its ecommerce site, it offers discounts and business incentives to make its services accessible to all.

Generics Pharmacy has a Business Model

As a for-profit enterprise, The Generics Pharmacy has a business model that caters to the needs of the poor. The pharmacy’s success can be attributed to its founder, Benjamin Liuson. He reshaped the pharmaceutical industry by promoting unbranded medicines. He also made a bold move by franchising the company.

Franchise Scheme and Marketing Strategy

The Generics Pharmacy tapped the services of a firm called Francorp to design and execute its franchise development. It received a number of awards for its franchise scheme and marketing strategy.It also received the coveted GAWAD GENERIC SUMMIT award from the Department of Health. The award recognizes the best-in-class generics retail pharmacy in the country.



Amongst the plethora of online drugstores available in the Philippines, MedGrocer provides an integrated ePharmacy service. This is an online portal where users can easily upload a valid prescription, check on the status of their order, send a message or get help through the company’s Facebook page.

Medical Equipments

Apart from offering medicines, the company also offers medical equipments, supplements, diagnostics, and lab testing. It also boasts of being the only player to offer everything on one platform. You can order medicines online, consult a doctor, book an appointment, and read health blogs.

Charge a Fee for Delivery

It is also worth noting that there are online drugstores that charge a fee for delivery, but the company does not charge a delivery fee for orders above 200 PHP. In fact, you can save a lot of money by ordering your medicine online.

Rose Pharmacy

Among the many pharmacies in the Philippines, Rose Pharmacy is an industry leader in providing affordable health and medication. With over 252 branches in strategic locations, this is one of the largest pharmaceutical retailers in the country. As with other retail establishments, customers can choose from a variety of payment methods to make their purchase more convenient.

Delivery Service

While the mainstay of this pharmacy is its delivery service, there are many other services available to the public. These services include a number of health products and personal care items, a myriad of supplements, and even a selection of home delivery options. This online drugstore also has an online store, which customers can access via a secure portal.

60,000 Products

With an inventory of more than 60,000 products, Rose Pharmacy’s product offerings are not limited to medicines. This pharmacy also has a selection of beauty products, personal care items, and other household essentials.

Mercury Drug

Whether you are looking for health products, medication, or healthcare services, Getmeds PH provides them all. They also provide a free consultation with a doctor online and offer various payment methods. In addition, they provide a subscription service. Moreover, they feature a wide range of pharmaceutical brands and offer reliable medicine delivery in the Philippines. You can check their website for more details.

Trusted Pharmacy Chain in Asia

The pharmacy chain has been offering medicines for over 70 years and continues to serve the Philippines. They have expanded their network of stores to cover the whole country. They are the country’s leading pharmacy chain. They are also the most trusted pharmacy chain in Asia. They were also hailed as the Most Recognizable Filipino Brand in the Reader’s Digest 2017 Trusted Brands Survey.

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